New version of Django-PJAX

Posted on July 08, 2015 in News • 1 min read

The Django-PJAX was discontinued by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, the creator of this project. We at Eventials need to use Django-PJAX, so we decided to keep this project up-to-date.

We forked the original project to add a new feature, allow Django-PJAX to specify a container name. This is useful if you have more than one PJAX in the same template that points to the same view. For example:

from djpjax import pjax

@pjax("pjax.html") # This is the default template.
@pjax("pjax_inner.html", "#pjax-inner-content") # This is the template for #pjax-inner-content.
def my_view(request):
    return TemplateResponse(request, "template.html", {'my': 'context'})

We also add compatibility with Python 3. This new version works on Python 2 and 3 and any version of Django after 1.3.

You may be asking, is this a new project? No. It's the same. We owned the original PyPi project, so you just need to run pip install django-pjax --upgrade to use this new version.

You can find the new version of Django-PJAX here. Hope you like it.