Code once share everywhere

Posted on February 25, 2016 in News • 1 min read

Gistfy, the easiest way to create embeddable code snippets from your GitHub and Bitbucket, just got a lot of updates in the last version.

Basically, it was almost rewritten. Some dependencies from the old version are dead. Swig is officialy dead, and AngularJS, well, it's not dead, but it's migrating to Angular 2, so it was more easy to remove it.

In this new version some anoying bugs were fixed. You can read more about here.

Things got a little bit easy when you need to share your code. Now, you just need to paste the full url of your GitHub or Bitbucket repository. For example, this url you can grab from your browser address bar. Give it a try, click in the link to open on GitHub.

You can always use Gistfy from, but if you want to host your own version it got easy to deploy it on Heroku with Heroku Button.


The last and not the least, now you have more syle options. You can check it here. The new ones are Android Studio, Arduino, CodePen, Visual Studio and Xcode.

Feel free to request something.